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Engulfed In The Beauty Of Becoming.

No one would know a tree had in it the secret power of becoming, this arduous task to burst into grace. No one questioned its tumultuous process of arriving, regal garlands growing in its hair. No one would think months ago a tree would be born anew. But this season has always come. There is a  ...

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Happy Is The New Black.

You would think that after successfully losing the equivalent of two full kegs of beer, and running like 'Forrest Gump' for the past year and a half, a lady might feel better about the possibility of new bathing suit choices, and earnestly hope to don something colorful, sporty, and  ...

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I Don’t Love You. {poetry}

I don’t love you because my senses get heightened at the mere thought of you, or because my heart cannot beat if it isn’t for you, as my soul shines in anticipation of the presence of yours. I love you because a snowflake blinds my wait, and the morning dew fertilizes my thoughts of you.

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