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Resistance, Surrender & Perfect Alchemy.

Even now, when I’m broke, stuck, depressed, I still manage to hold my head up high, thoroughly maintaining my hard-earned level of resistance. This dark pervert part in me has the lead, still. It is crazy, mad, irresponsible, but so fucking strong and powerful; it’s holding the reins of my life  ...

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A Love Affair With Autumn.

As the nights grow crisp and the air is a splash of freshness, something inside of me wants to savor the art of folding inwards. The intrigue of this alluring state is incredibly stirring. To check my reality, I blink to make sure I can find a way to match the pause and rhapsody.

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Submerged: Let Yourself Feel Deeply.

There is no definitive timeline. Love is timeless and never-ending, and so are the remains of friendships and love. It is truly the only thing that remains from our lives, our connections and how we impacted people. It is never a grand definition of character but all the small moments that remain.

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