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Sexually Transmitted Shame.

This is for the women who have been told they might not be able to have children. You are still a woman, this does not diminish your worth. This is for anyone who has been shamed based off of their bodies' responses to abusive partners, toxic relationships or unknown diseases. Whether it is a  ...

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What I Gained In Letting Go.

I've had relationships like this in my life. I have spent nights sobbing on the couch in my husband's arms, or lying in bed reliving situations in my head and asking myself over and over and over again: Why? Replaying how hurt I have felt, how neglected, how forgotten, how invisible. Holding my  ...

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you and me

I Chose What ‘Me’ Is.

My dad leaving, in no exaggeration, ripped a part out of my core. I have spent years focusing on stitching that gap. Therapy, Yoga, isolation from any friendship or relationship that triggers unwanted feelings. What I did not focus on is, when my mind wanders to that forest of doubt and  ...

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