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Bloom: Creating New Life After Loss.

As I write these words, it has now been three months since my brother passed away, and I find myself standing on the precipice of spring looking back over my shoulder at the steps I have journeyed since. They are jagged and disparate, crooked and uneven with no order to them other then they are  ...

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The Secret Lives Of Yoga Teachers.

I absolutely love the field I’m in, and will keep fighting to make a difference in that sector. It’s just that when I stand at the front of a class, I want to talk about all of the other stuff that bounces around in my head all week long -- stuff like creativity, connection, kindness,  ...

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Hot And Bothered By Passion.

In my dance of stillness, I discovered many layers of unprocessed grief. I lovingly held and witnessed myself while traversing through every single one of them. As I fed these layers of grief to the fire of transformation, I began to notice more spaciousness within me. In this spaciousness, it  ...

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An Ode To Dystopia.

There was an angel there today. Was just a man -- olive-skinned, radiating supernovas swirling like sunspots. I watched him there smiling. Brown leather sandals, a nylon cord sneaking inside his shirt, and I wondered what was on the other end of it. I saw hieroglyphic tattoos poking out of the  ...

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