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Standing on My Own Two Feet: Part Two.

I wonder how many times in our lives, when something happens -- an accident or incident -- how much of our experience, our reaction, and feelings are really us or due to our point of view on how we should be feeling, acting, based on what we are taught is good and bad. Do we ever know how the  ...

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a world

Orlando: This Is how It Lands in Me.

When I was a teenager, just starting to question, there was a horrific crime committed in my hometown where two brothers broke into the house of a gay couple and murdered them while they slept in their bed. I believed then that it would never be safe for me to be out. As a teenager, I expected  ...

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studio 69

From Shiver to Quiver, Dust to Lust.

I wonder what it’s like in your head, not just in your bed, where orgasms preside and emotional baggage is checked at the door. The bed you enter in the dark like a tornado, and escape from in the light like an illuminating lightning storm. The kind of storm one wants to get close to because of  ...

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Standing on My Own Two Feet.

Any event, small or big, can have a greatly traumatic or vital effect on our lives. The severity does not depend on the size of the event, rather on the emotional impact it has on each of us, and how we experience it. What can be highly traumatic for one can be nothing for another.

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