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The Girl Who Jumps Fences.

… it’s not my fault. It’s not your fault. It’s not our fault. We’re not victims. We’re not survivors. We’re human beings who’ve been through some fucking awful shit. Some of the worst. We experienced some of the most obscene acts of depravation one human being is capable of inflicting upon another.

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No Goodbye: Bearing Grief.

In a strange and surreal way, the unexpected and traumatic loss of my child by suicide disintegrated my core sense of who I thought I was. The hope that I held was ripped away forever. Quietly and insidiously, trauma explodes the mind and greatly intensifies emotions. Trauma stimulates,  ...

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you & me

Climbing Our Way Out Of Rock Bottom.

Every time we find ourselves at the bottom of our motionless pools, we have the opportunity to unload one more trauma, one more perceived failure, one more betrayal and disappointment. We always have the ability to lighten our load, but we are usually not ready until we have come to the next  ...

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