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Open Swim. {fiction}

Thomas was closer now. She could almost feel his breath. She wondered how he had moved so quickly without her noticing. “They’re beautiful,” Thomas said, “and that’s why. We’re not different. You run here to be quiet. I’m quiet all day because I’m tired of running.” Charlotte was breathing  ...

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Emotions: The Great Taboo.

What do we do usually do to children though immediately when a feeling arises? We become uncomfortable, diving into our selves. We cannot handle it, so we try to stop it by saying Don't cry. We get angry because we don’t know what to do. It scares us as we feel helpless. In turn, the child  ...

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you & me

My Strange And Beautiful Truth.

She has a mouth like a sailor and laughs at her own jokes. She’s totally nuts and runs around the house like a five-year-old who’s had way too much Halloween candy. She makes up songs, sings show tunes while showering and farts like a trucker. She likes red wine, the occasional cigarette and  ...

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