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A Letter to the Wild Ones.

Maybe you've decided to work in office jobs as little as you could and to make as little money as living honestly requires -- because typing at a computer and sitting down all day long, all week, all life even, would drain your heart. Perhaps you've even left a love because you needed to grow,  ...

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Nature Is My Playground.

The seldom times we get to be out in nature, we get to touch base once more with who we are. Only then, when we return back into society, to forget and get caught up in the roller coaster. We drink, take drugs, engage in harmful activities, and seek external pleasures. We become extremists in  ...

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15 Things I Wish My Mother Had Told Me.

It’s perfectly okay to defy societal convention. I actually encourage it. But know what you’re up against and be prepared for the difficulty that can sometimes come with it. Our culture only tolerates rebels to a degree. Once you’ve crossed that line, you’re in tricky territory. This isn’t to  ...

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