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Why I Love ‘Grace And Frankie’.

I recently found myself with a bit more time on my hands and a need for some cheering up, after being laid off from a job I really loved. One night, after I got bored with watching The Holiday over and over again, I gave Netflix's 'Grace and Frankie' a shot. It was like my TV gave me a big hug.

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Redemption. {poetry}

I mourn a world that sells vaginal deodorants and labioplasties, mandating us to buy products so we can finally wear white and no longer be ashamed by leaks and smells. Incessant messages urge us to pluck, shave, tighten, tuck, wax, perfume, and bleach, lest we offend.

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The Power Between My Legs.

Vaginas depicted in the art world don’t fare any better. What’s worse is that much of the disapproval comes from women. Go to any comments section, on any article covering vaginal art, and you’ll find a stream of women making statements such as "That’s disgusting!"

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