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Reclamation of Faith, Heart and Spirit.

My indoctrination had sorted me into a belief system that worshiped a patriarchal god whose texts subjugated women, enabling a patriarchal society where that subjugation could continue to varying degrees across the globe. And the funny thing is, for the longest time, I still wanted to believe  ...

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I Love My Fellow Warriors-In-Training.

Doesn't it make some kind of sense that this world would change if somehow the energetically sensitive of the world somehow remembered that their wounds were the source of their greatest strength? Isn't it just like an amazing story for the underdog to actually be the one who pulls everyone out  ...

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Surrendering To The Warrior Circle Within.

As we dance together in this connected exchange of power and control, we instinctively realize that we are not isolated from one another, even in our mistakes. We truly recognize that we are comprised of the wisdom and spirit bestowed by those who have committed to guiding our journey, and that  ...

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you & me

The Worth Of Tears.

I'd become so accustomed to trying to live up to what other people thought strong meant, I forgot how to embrace the paradox. Softness and hardness, masculine and feminine, assertion and surrender, the warrior and the caregiver, we need both in order to be whole.

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What It Takes To Be Brave.

There has never been a question of what you are capable of because within you are crystal caves so remarkable that we are all brought to our knees when we’re finally allowed to see them, so open. This is the great task, to open the vault and set all of the hidden things out to play and dance  ...

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