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RS Vol I Cover

Creatively Maladjusted

A Love Letter from the Editors:

Dear Creator, 

A little over a year ago we embarked in one of the most life-changing and rewarding adventures of our lives: creating

We had a dream of an online platform where writers, troublemakers, creativists, artists, dreamers, healers and all kinds of Renaissance people could come together to share their passion and wisdom with the world, through daily articles on every aspect of the human experience — with creativity as our modus operandi and life as our greatest work of art.

A place where the medium matches the message, where imagination is more powerful than knowledge and inspiration more relevant than an excess of information.


KristiStout“Rebelle Society is fierce and fabulous. It is the sexiest, edgiest most inspiring online magazine I have encountered. It’s as though everything I read hits the core of my very soul — and I am transformed. Every author is, in their own right, a beautiful, light-infused brushstroke upon the canvas of standard society, making it more vibrant and radiant than ever before. A true and beautiful rebellion.”


Kristi Stout | Writer, Illustrator, Rebelle Columnist & Social Media Editor


Over the course of this extraordinary journey, our missions have magically aligned, intertwined and expanded; our international community has grown beyond our wildest expectations and our little virtual country has been occupied by the highest expression of all: The Art of Being Alive.

Upon multiple requests from those touched by our authors’ words around the world, we have put together this golden first volume of the best selected articles that we’ve had the exquisite pleasure and honor to publish on during our first year of life.


Anjana“With Rebelle Society, a publication unlike any other, life transcends the limited notion of merely imitating art and challenges the reader to become masterful art. Welcome to the new Renaissance.”


Anjana Dixon | Writer, Rebelle Columnist

Top 6 magic spells this easy to read, creatively charged, power-bomb book will work on you:


1. Give you permission to be, as you are, a living work of art. Awaken your dormant creativity, unleash your imagination and teach you, through short, actionable stories and living examples of troublemakers around the world, to not just survive but to become fully and abundantly alive.


2. Inspire you to take creative action in your life, regardless of your circumstances or past — to do what you can with what you have, right here and right now.


3. Remind you that you’re not alone or powerless, but a unique creative force of nature and an essential part of the whole, that you are needed and that your voice matters. There is a creative revolution taking place on a worldwide level and you and I are a central part of it.


4. Keep you company in your quiet moments, motivate you to know yourself more, and to love yourself for who you are, in your darkness and light, to discover and accept both, your strengths and your weaknesses, and then to use them to your benefit and that of others.


5. Help you make of yourself a priority and understand that you can’t help anyone else unless you help yourself first. And that the best way to influence and touch someone’s life is by re-creating yourself back to life.


6. Empower you to share your story with the world, make you want to quote yourself, to speak your truth in whatever way you can. And in doing that, to rewrite that story into a truer, more authentic and liberating version of you.


SR-Atchley“I’m tingling with excitement. Rebelle Society is the most unique and talented community of creative souls I’ve ever encountered. From its infancy, RS has demonstrated the power of art to transform life.”


Shanna Atchley | Writer, Artist, Rebelle Columnist & Talent Recruiter

We are living in a time of unprecedented restlessness and seeking. We are constantly bombarded with an excess of information, but the more we know, the less we understand.

In this chaotic obsolete disorder, a new kind of Renaissance is emerging, running on Creativity and rebelling against the stagnant status quo.

This Creative Renaissance is made of ordinary people with an extraordinary mission and vision: that of becoming their own living work of art and changing the world, from the inside out, through inspiration. As Joseph Campbell put it,

“The world without spirit is a wasteland. People have the notion of saving the world by shifting things around, changing the rules, and who’s on top, and so forth. No, no! Any world is a valid world if it’s alive. The thing to do is to bring life to it, and the only way to do that is to find in your own case where the life is and become alive yourself.”

This is among the first hybrid compilations that combine New Media with the Book Format. The quick wit & grit that caught your eye in that article you loved and shared online, combined with the comfort of the good old book, to keep, highlight and make yours.


Laura Rizza

 “Part of the beauty of Rebelle Society’s essays is that they are always part poetic alongside brutal honesty.  It’s like wearing a silk chiffon blouse with really old beat up blue jeans (not the pre-distressed kind you find in stores). There is no logical reason that combo should work…but it spins a certain magic which makes it absolutely perfect!”

Laura Rizza | Rebelle Reader


This compilation brings together different voices from around the world with the purpose of unleashing, discovering, healing and celebrating life in all its wholeness — whoever you are, whatever happened to you, and wherever you want to get next.

It is actionable, bullshit proof, selected wisdom served in digestible bites, from real people with authentic, crazy, messy lives, who have engaged in the greatest quest: that of becoming their own creators, gurus, healers, best friends, alchemists and life curators.

It builds a bridge between the old and the new, the classic and the ultra-modern, the past and the future — into the Now you’re holding in your hands. And it is a pleasurable way to connect with unique creators around the world and have a conversation about what makes life worth living.


SkipMaselli“Rebelle Society is the scene of a major car accident of writers, caused when ‘creative peculiarity’ went careening off into the lane of ‘erudition.’ But seriously, its cast of characters are trending social media to good things. They are an impassioned co-op of literary farmers out harvesting the global corpus of creativity; showing us that the best and most creative solutions for the seeker-of-inspiration can be found in the composing-masses-of-inspirers.


Rebelle proves there can be no last beautiful idea…because just when you think you’ve read (or written) the pièce de résistance in one of its many rich literary parlors, something amazing lights up your screen. It truly is a book written by its readers; one in which the content of each page is inspired by that of another.


For me, it’s where bees go to get their bumble; where verdant goes to get green; and where pirates bury their imagined bounty. Indeed, if writers were fruits and vegetables, Rebelle Society would be the consummate literary juice press. Deeeeee-ah—licious!”


Skip Maselli | Writer, Rebelle Columnist


Top 5 uses you can give to this mind-altering book: 

1. Serve it hot and interesting on your coffee table. Warning: May sparkle great life-affirming conversations and give you one crazy idea or two.

2. Gift it to yourself and get an extra volume for your loved ones. Inspiration never goes out of style and it fits with any age or size. Who knows, this may just change their life by reigniting their creativity.

3. Use it as a New Year, New Life, New You, New Anything inspiration —  to make new resolutions, write your manifesto or plan out your dreams, along with your other life creation tools. There is nothing better than great creative company from other troublemakers.

4. Take it with you as a travel companion. You won’t be able to unglue yourself from it. May help you rediscover forgotten superpowers and get you faster to your destination.

5. Some people have their best reading on the toilet. This book can light up any room in the house.



“With attitude, candor and heart —  lots and lots of heart — Rebelle Society unabashedly offers its readers wit, vulnerability and uncompromising honesty. Thus, they keep it the realest of reals.”


 Chris Grosso | Author of Indie Spiritualist: A No Bullshit Exploration Of Spirituality

We dedicate this volume to all the rebels with a cause – that of connecting all of our human bits and pieces together into a more mindful, freeing, creative, inclusive and life-giving collage.

We hope it inspires you to look beyond the surface, reactivate your imagination, share your story, and to celebrate and practice the Art of Being Alive.

We also want to offer a deep, heartfelt thank-you to all the talented authors whose voices are showcased in this compilation, as well as all the writers, artists and creators who have supported, loved and left their creative footprint on and the world during our first year of life.

Thank you for helping us dream the world awake, one creative expression at a time.  

Creativity is our pencil. Beauty is the ink. We are innate designers of reality. Rebelling against a divided, unquestionable status quo with the power of our voice is our first step into wholeness.


RS Vol I Billboard

Rebelle with us!

Available Now for Purchase via Amazon & Amazon’s CreateSpace: CLICK HERE.


Click image above & be directed to CreateSpace to purchase and for more info.


{We Art & Heart You}

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    Rebelliously delicious!
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    The best stocking stuffer for people you want to shock the sh*t out of in your family. Perfect timing RS :)
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    Ahh — goose bumps! (And, Cameron, you are hilarious!). Love to all!
  • graceyogaandpilates commented on December 21, 2013
    Rebelle is a “nefelibata” or cloud-lifter, someone or in this case a collective of creative juices who live in the clouds of their own imagination and don’t obey the conventions of society, literature or art. Uniquely your own. Thank you.
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    Great news Tanya, this will be my holiday reading! BTW, If you’re not a US citizen the book is also available on and
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    satorirose commented on December 22, 2013
    Oh, you guys….this is so cool! It’s beyond cool…YES goosebumps! Yes its frigginawesome, yes its rebelliously delicious…and all things delectable. It’s so awesome to be in the mix with you all. And I want to give a giant hug to this gorgeous network of people around the world. <3
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    Shama Lama Ding Dong!!
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    Congratulations, Team Rebelle Society :)
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    My copy arrived today, December 26, 2013. It will be next to my bed later today, available as needed for late-night reading. I expect to confirm that it will be a great idea to have copies on hand as a standard gift response to high school graduation notices.
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