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Discover Your Primeval Truth Through The Cosmic Magic Of Yoga.



Yoga is the Ur-Magic, the first-and-always magic, the dimension-next-door and deep-truth-in-your-bones magic.

Yoga is the Ur-Magic, the timeless-and-never magic, the memory-of-distant-nebulae-and-first-gasp-of-time magic.

Before conscious thought, before song or myth, we used the muscles and bones and nerves of this body to make the first magic.

We clung to the shores of the primordial sea and stood in the grass oceans of Pangaea and huddled in smoke-filled caves on frigid nights, and we filled our bodies to the brim, every cell alive with an ancient, all-encompassing awareness.

The body was humanity’s first magical tool, for what is magic besides the transformation of thought into reality? And what is more magical than yoking the breath to the body to the mind to liberate the true nature of Self?

With Yoga, we use the body to carve runic symbols into existence and etch corporeal mandalas into this dimension of reality; we work subtle alchemy until will is transmuted into physical, and physical into spirit.

Our bodies are vast confluences of potential with the ability to guide us into the center of ourselves to a place where we can see the entirety of the cosmos and the magnificent scope of our own immensity.

Through Yoga, we use the body and mind and breath to remember the soul back to the source.

Yoga spirals us down the path of that most ancient labyrinth so we may discover the primeval truth: we are all. We are the alpha, the omega, we are the numinous yearnings of our most secret hopes, we are the one who prays, we are the prayer, and we are the one who answers.

Yoga bears testimony to our true origins and unveils the ancient circuitry of self. Our origin story may have been forgotten by our rational minds, but never by the twisting double helix that carries all of our stories, and all of the stories of those who came before.

Bow to the earth, stretch to the sky, twist to the past and unfurl along the future. Move along the expanse of time and space, your feet on your mat marking the boundaries of your axis mundi.

Namaste: I bow to the divine within you, the magic-maker, the witch, the hedgerider, the mage, the sorcerer, that which imagines and embodies and creates, that who is all, including the messy and lazy, the mean and petty, the selfish and scared and sad.

It isn’t just perfection that is divine, it is the rumpled clothes and unwashed sheets, the vows broken and unmade, the intuition ignored, the sanctity forgotten. Divine. God-like. All-encompassing and surpassing.

Salamba Bhujangasana/Sphinx Pose: The yearning, the humility, the sacrificial open-mouthed glory of that distant grandmother who beached herself against the shore to take the first steps onto dry land.

Virabhadrasana/Warrior Pose: The truth of time. All time exists now, we merely pivot on the fulcrum of the eternal present moment. Chin up, eyes forward, soul moving through the dimensions of past and future but only ever actually in the infinite now.

Ardha Chandrasana/Half Moon Pose: Balancing, reaching toward the void, pelvis circling the truth, the spiraling equanimity of the spine that displaces more mass than it should, unleashing the dark matter that exists within the cavernous cathedral of our soul.

Virasana/Hero Pose: Motion in the stillness, heart beats, lungs bloom, blood rushes, the earth spins on its axis and proceeds along its orbit; the galaxy spirals, flinging its constellation arms through the darkness, drunk on gamma rays and big bang radiation — but wait, the motion in the stillness — heart beats, lungs bloom, blood rushes, the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide within the lungs, cilia dancing like seaweed that never left the ocean of the womb, the replication of DNA, double helix spinning in sympathetic communion with the planet, the galaxy, the universe, this existence.

Surya Namaskar/Sun Salutation: The dawning force of the soul surging to meet itself on the horizon of consciousness, expanding, contracting, new dimensions of reality blooming with every breath.

Uttanasana/Forward Fold: Plumbing the depths of creation, reaching back in time to unspool the memories sequestered in our DNA, prehensile tail extending down from our root chakra, anchoring us to our species’ arboreal nursery, that liminal space between sky and soil where we came of age.

Tadasana/Mountain Pose: Standing on the incomprehensibility of now, all of space-time falling away in our wake, star-treader, moonlit oracle, facing the unfolding dimensions that have yet to arise. Eyes softly focused on the immutable weft of that which I am, upward-rising victorious breath breathing itself as the stars welcome us to our destiny and the ever-longed-for cradle.

The Ur-magic of Yoga dissolves our limited perception of time, it brings us through the veil and teaches us that all things past, present, and future are now.

Just as it leads us back through time to the dawning of our existence as a species, and further, further through time and space to when we were the exhalations of distant gaseous clouds, to a time when the elements of our bones were being smelted in the fiery furnaces of stars long since gone nova.

Yoga also pulls our gaze forward to the future — memories of days yet to come.

Humanity has always looked at the stars as someplace to go, the last frontier, because we have forgotten that the stars were our home once, our first home, they were our family long before this mottled blue and green rock had coalesced into existence.

The path of Yoga, the path to remember our true Self, is not easy. It can be hard to withstand the reverberations of an intergalactic earthquake when it happens in the filaments of your soul. But we will withstand; we are hedgeriders, sacred cosmic wanderers forged in the quaking hearts of ancient stars.

Root down, rise up, and let it be known that when we gaze skyward and venture forth it is not into the unknown; we do not travel as migrants, but as prodigal children returning homeward bound.

“We are star stuff.” ~ Carl Sagan


NatashaBurgeNatasha Burge writes to understand the patterns in the chaos of time. As a child, she found hope and friendship by escaping into books and to this day, her favorite places and people live nestled between dog-eared pages. She hopes to someday return the favor and create worlds where others can find refuge and happiness. Natasha is a feminist, Yoga lover, third-generation expat, political scientist, glutton, and sci-fi geek. She has a tumbleweed heart, ink stains on her fingers, and one foot permanently planted in other worlds. You can visit her on her website.


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