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To My King: Let’s Rise Together.



I am ready to take the journey with you.

To explore this unknown land as only king and queen can. A vast canyon of possibility lies before us — an epic adventure unlike any we have ever known.

Together we will travel over impossibly steep mountains and dive deep into glittering turquoise pools. We will get lost in dense jungles and sleep beneath a blanket of shooting stars.

We will walk through fire and ice. We will come face to face with demons and be caught in hurricanes that hurl us through time and space.

It will not be an easy passage. There is no room for cowardice, indecision and playing small. We will need all the grace, mindfulness and strength of our truest, most magnificent selves.

There is no guarantee we will survive. Truth be told, parts of ourselves must perish in order for us to travel this path. But I believe it will be worth it.

I feel your greatness and your power, my love, and we will need all of it. Step up into your decisive courage and penetrating clarity. Let your certainty of purpose shine like the sun, lighting the way forward.

You were born to rule, my king. The blood of a fierce warrior runs steady as a river in your veins.

The wisdom of a wizard pulls you to step into the roaring flames again and again, each time arising a new man from the ashes of the boy you used to be.

The lover within you dedicates his life to worshiping his sacred goddess, cherishing her joy as radiant as the starlight and her anger as wild as thunder.

My maiden heart aches to be opened; my earthly body yearns to be claimed; my ancient spirit is waiting to dance. And only a king can completely open me, fully claim me, truly dance with me.

I am ready to forge raging rivers and cross scorching lava fields with you. I am ready to surrender myself to this divine mission and let my love for you shine through me like the glow of a full moon into a cloudless sky.

And that radiant love will be the thing that saves us from the dragons we awaken as we walk this uncertain path. At first they will be nothing more than a shadow, creeping so quietly it is as if they weren’t there.

We will feel a growing sense of dread that we are being watched, stalked, hunted like deer drinking at the water’s edge. And then faster than lightning the dragons will attack, all fangs and claws and snarls.

You may unsheathe your sword and threaten to slay these animals as they roar and slash deep into our soft flesh, right down to our tender hearts, until you see with amazement a terrified little girl and a wild-eyed little boy hiding on their backs.

These dragons cannot be killed or charmed or tamed, my king. But we will learn when they strike and when they withdraw. We will learn to live with them and perhaps even come to love them.

We will relish the quiet moments that follow their battles. As the dragons lie sleeping we will see our childlike selves curled up behind their scaly wings, all softness and aching vulnerability.

As we travel deeper and deeper, we will begin to rise up from the ashes of our old charred hearts.

With each step we will relinquish our greatest fears, our deepest wounds, our most crippling self-doubt.

In a forest clearing we will stumble across a wild woman and a warrior man, dancing with their bare feet on the sacred earth. They will watch one another across the roaring campfire with all-consuming desire burning in their eyes.

They will teach us to howl at the moon and run with the wolves. They will remind us how to move together in perfect rhythm, as if we had been dancing together for all eternity. They will show us how to see each other as only wildlings can, right through the skin and bone to the oneness that lies within all things.

Our journey will be bloody and muddy and magical and wild. I will follow you to the ends of the earth. And you will become the leader you were born to be: fighting valiantly, fiercely, for your queen and for your kingdom.

One clear morning we will awaken to find someone has ever so gently sewn huge wings to each of our backs.

And then we will know it for sure: We can rise so much higher together my king, levitating far beyond what was possible alone. We can fly, soaring as free as eagles above the ruins of whatever has come before and whatever lies ahead.

Our hearts will beat in rhythm and our hands will intertwine as we watch the whole world unfold before us. We will shine together like the moon goddess and sun warrior that we are.

And in that moment, it will not matter whether we survive or perish. All that will matter is that we took the journey, as only a king and queen can.



Catherine McInnes-WrightCatherine McInnes-Wright is a writer, teacher, dancer, sunshine-seeker and tree-hugger. She believes in the power of the written word to inspire, empower and connect us to ourselves and one another. Catherine runs Goddess Gatherings in Sydney, Australia to create a space for women to embrace their inner Goddess.


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